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Adam x Eve series
*The body painting is done by Diaja prior to shooting

Ever since the emancipation of slaves, historically the media (Specifically focusing on the news), has been used as a tool to vilify Black Americans and create fear in its white viewers. Though present-day its racist roots are not as overt, there are plenty of signs of covert racism, biases, and stereotypes that fill what we consume from our reputable sources. Harsh headlines for certain people groups, yet headlines of empathy for their white counterparts, which often leads to sentences/treatment that suit these said headlines.  Because the skin of Black/African people is often seen as a weapon, I wanted to change the narrative.

This is an ongoing series. Each muse featured is painted on completely, adorned with flowers, and then photographed.  The significance of this series is to highlight the Black and African diaspora as works of art to be admired and celebrated, highlighting the beauty that was always there but tainted through the white gaze. This series counters the negative narratives and stereotypes perpetrated against the Black and African diaspora in the media.

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